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We’re on a mission to save you time, money, and frustration. Our experienced, knowledgeable inspectors are Certified to identify property concerns and environmental conditions. We provide the information you need to move forward with confidence.

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Buying a home or commercial property is one of the biggest investments you can make. Our Certified experts are here to share their knowledge, protect you from making costly mistakes and assist you with maintenance recommendations for years to come. We offer unbiased evaluation, quicker response times, and clearer, more comprehensive reports-delivered to you in less than 24 hours.

Our Inspection and Testing Services

Explore our wide range of inspection services from new construction and maintenance evaluations to air quality and lead testing. Our experienced team is licensed and trained to perform point-by-point inspections and use infrared and drone technology to uncover flaws and defects in the property. We also offer a wide range of environmental testing for health hazards such as Radon, Mold, Asbestos and Allergens.

IAC2 Certified - Radon
IAC2 Certified - Mold
North American Deck and Railing Association
National Home Inspector Examination
Institute of Hazardous Materials Management
American Board of Industrial Hygiene
“Stop looking! Roland and his team are outstanding professionals and they're highly organized. The reports include pictures and brief explanations for your understanding. His objective is to ensure you're fully aware of what's going on with your home according to code and state regulations. He's there for you, the customer, and not the builder or whomever else. I highly recommend this service!”

Ryan K.

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